The Astrology of Hellier ~ part I

[part 0 introduction here]

The chart for the official release of Hellier season one has the Sun at 28° Capricorn in a helluva stellium with Pluto, Mercury, the south node, the midheaven degree, and Saturn – who is at home and overseeing the activities of all the planets in this sign. Right away I can tell this chart represents something very old, very secret, and surprisingly pervasive.


Saturn being the planet of hesitation, fear, and mastery being right on the midheaven degree – the most publicly obvious part of the chart – and square to Mars in the house of self-undoing immediately reminds me of all sorts of hero stories about a descent to the underworld. Mars wants to be direct – normally in Aries, where it is at home and comfortable, it can – however, in the 12th house of liminality and in a frustrating square aspect to Saturn, Mars is forced into a position of only being able to move forward through surrender.

…this chart represents something very old, very secret, and surprisingly pervasive

Thankfully for Mars, he is in a helpful trine aspect to Jupiter – at home in Sagittarius – along with Venus, another lovely benefic. Jupiter in Sagittarius is adventurous and then some. With Venus there is an added fondness and love for the journey. Through these planets Mars finds plenty of energy and enthusiasm to keep going despite the unending roadblocks provided by Saturn. Venus and Jupiter in the 8th house of death and transformation shows us the good fortune and enthusiasm will be most obvious in the realm of death, rebirth, other people’s resources, and personal transformation.

Venus also happens to be the ruler of the Ascendant for this chart. The Ascendant and Venus in this chart represents the series itself. When the series was released, the tropical sign of Taurus was on the horizon. Venus, the natural ruler of Taurus, is also the planet of love. Being with Jupiter in the 8th house represents how the fans of this series largely adore it and are very enthusiastic about it. The series seems to have a distinctly mutable-fire affect of inspiring people to set off on their own investigations. Season two even features a lot of these people who have done just that.

What else do you see in this chart?

In the next post I will go over my interpretation of a chart for one of the first synchronicities mentioned in the series. Stay tuned and stay weird ❤


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