Saturn Stations Direct

At 00:11 eastern 29 September 2020 Saturn stations direct and slowly begins its journey out of Capricorn, wrapping up its time there for the next 30 years. When a planet stations either direct or retrograde, the planet's proper motion appears to be completely still in the sky. In the outer world this corresponds with things being in... Continue Reading →

Some Other Sphere

I am delighted to announce that I had the pleasure of being a guest on Rick Palmer's Some Other Sphere @Spherical_pod podcast where I talked about my work in #Hellier as well as some key concepts in astrology in general

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part IV

Season 2 release date [part 0] [part I] [part II] [part III] Hellier S1 release date chart in part I here. * Spoilers ahead so be sure to check out season 2 here. * All of this watery, earthy, and fiery energy combined to create an emotionally gripping season that terrifies as much as it... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part III

    The Terry Wriste email [part 0] [part I] [part II] ... like driving around aimlessly in a dense fog with only a vague notion that you're moving forward. This chart represents the moment the first Terry Wriste email was sent to Greg Newkirk. Right away I notice the majority of the planets are... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part I

[part 0 introduction here] The chart for the official release of Hellier season one has the Sun at 28° Capricorn in a helluva stellium with Pluto, Mercury, the south node, the midheaven degree, and Saturn - who is at home and overseeing the activities of all the planets in this sign. Right away I can... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part 0

"The Phenomena" called me loud and clear - I answered. Hellier is a paranormal web series on YouTube and Amazon Prime that delves into the unfathomably vast and weird world of high strangeness. I discovered it in early 2019 when a buddy texted me the link for season 1 episode 1. Once I was about... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney’s Spooky Capricorn Stellium

Today is Walt Disney's birthday so here's a brief analysis of his natal chart with an emphasis on his 5th house. His chart will be compared to his biography listed on Astro-databank. Charts from:,_Walt   Walt Disney 5 December 1901 00:35 Chicago, IL Sun 12°27' Sagittarius Moon 09°10' Libra Ascendant 25°39' Virgo Mercury,... Continue Reading →

Hellier Season 2 Lenormand Reading

On November 8th 2019 I decided to do a 9-card Lenormand spread to see what Hellier Season 2 would be like. I recorded myself doing the reading, but the audio quality is pretty terrible. I've included it here anyway, but wrote up a transcript of the reading as well. The reading ends with a neat... Continue Reading →

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