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Out of Bounds Planets 2023

This article goes over the stats for 2023. The exact times and dates of when each planet next goes out of bounds can be found here. If you’d like to learn about the significations of each planet in a chart, click here: Mercury, Venus, Mars. To see the stats for the Moon out of bounds…

MOON Out of Bounds 2023

This article discusses the stats for 2023. To learn about what the out of bounds moon is and signifies, click here. The Moon goes out of bounds a total of 27 times in 2023. The Moon will spend 131 days out of bounds, 35.8% of the year. The Moon will remain out of bounds for…

Zodiac of Weird: Taurus Sun-Moon signs

Here is a preview of a series I’m working on for subscribers to my patreon. It is a series of 144 articles on every Sun-Moon sign combination. Each article discusses the Sun and Moon sign combination in depth, the correlating Moon phase, and also includes at least one (sometimes up to three or four) chart…

Zodiac of Weird – Aries Sun edition part 2

Ever wonder what sort of weird events or strange people have the same Sun and Moon sign as you? Wonder no more! I have compiled a list for each Sun-Moon sign combination that includes a curious person or peculiar event that took place for each! That’s 144 different Sun-Moon combinations and 144+ different famous weirdos!…


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