The Astrology of Hellier ~ part II

Karl and the Planet Weird Tweet Synchronicity [part 0] [part 1] *** Some spoilers ahead so be sure to check out S1E1 first! *** In the beginning of Hellier Season 1 episode 1 Karl Pfeiffer describes the startling coincidences he experienced while listening to Euphomet's podcast episode on the Kentucky goblin case with Greg Newkirk.... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part I

[part 0 introduction here] The chart for the official release of Hellier season one has the Sun at 28° Capricorn in a helluva stellium with Pluto, Mercury, the south node, the midheaven degree, and Saturn - who is at home and overseeing the activities of all the planets in this sign. Right away I can... Continue Reading →

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part 0

"The Phenomena" called me loud and clear - I answered. Hellier is a paranormal web series on YouTube and Amazon Prime that delves into the unfathomably vast and weird world of high strangeness. I discovered it in early 2019 when a buddy texted me the link for season 1 episode 1. Once I was about... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney’s Spooky Capricorn Stellium

Today is Walt Disney's birthday so here's a brief analysis of his natal chart with an emphasis on his 5th house. His chart will be compared to his biography listed on Astro-databank. Charts from:,_Walt   Walt Disney 5 December 1901 00:35 Chicago, IL Sun 12°27' Sagittarius Moon 09°10' Libra Ascendant 25°39' Virgo Mercury,... Continue Reading →

Hellier Season 2 Lenormand Reading

On November 8th 2019 I decided to do a 9-card Lenormand spread to see what Hellier Season 2 would be like. I recorded myself doing the reading, but the audio quality is pretty terrible. I've included it here anyway, but wrote up a transcript of the reading as well. The reading ends with a neat... Continue Reading →

It’s a Blog!

Since this is a website called "Weird Astrology" it would make sense for me to write a little bit about some weird experiences I've had over the years. Some of them I have astrological charts and interpretations for, but not all. I intend to use this blog to share some of these experiences. I think... Continue Reading →

How Common Are Out-of-Bounds Planets?

How often does the Moon go out-of-bounds? How about Mars, Jupiter, or the asteroids? In Kt Boehrer's book, Declination: The Other Dimension she lists the frequency of this cyclical condition for the Moon and planets, but the actual data and how she went about this is not included except for one specific case study of... Continue Reading →

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