Saturn Stations Direct

At 00:11 eastern 29 September 2020 Saturn stations direct and slowly begins its journey out of Capricorn, wrapping up its time there for the next 30 years. When a planet stations either direct or retrograde, the planet's proper motion appears to be completely still in the sky. In the outer world this corresponds with things being in... Continue Reading →

Walt Disney’s Spooky Capricorn Stellium

Today is Walt Disney's birthday so here's a brief analysis of his natal chart with an emphasis on his 5th house. His chart will be compared to his biography listed on Astro-databank. Charts from:,_Walt   Walt Disney 5 December 1901 00:35 Chicago, IL Sun 12°27' Sagittarius Moon 09°10' Libra Ascendant 25°39' Virgo Mercury,... Continue Reading →

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