The Astrology of Hellier ~ part II

Karl and the Planet Weird Tweet Synchronicity [part 0] [part 1] *** Some spoilers ahead so be sure to check out S1E1 first! *** In the beginning of Hellier Season 1 episode 1 Karl Pfeiffer describes the startling coincidences he experienced while listening to Euphomet's podcast episode on the Kentucky goblin case with Greg Newkirk.... Continue Reading →

How Common Are Out-of-Bounds Planets?

How often does the Moon go out-of-bounds? How about Mars, Jupiter, or the asteroids? In Kt Boehrer's book, Declination: The Other Dimension she lists the frequency of this cyclical condition for the Moon and planets, but the actual data and how she went about this is not included except for one specific case study of... Continue Reading →

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