Out of Bounds Planets 2023

This article goes over the stats for 2023. The exact times and dates of when each planet next goes out of bounds can be found here. If you'd like to learn about the significations of each planet in a chart, click here: Mercury, Venus, Mars. To see the stats for the Moon out of bounds... Continue Reading →

MOON Out of Bounds 2023

This article discusses the stats for 2023. To learn about what the out of bounds moon is and signifies, click here. The Moon goes out of bounds a total of 27 times in 2023. The Moon will spend 131 days out of bounds, 35.8% of the year. The Moon will remain out of bounds for... Continue Reading →

Saturn Stations Direct

At 00:11 eastern 29 September 2020 Saturn stations direct and slowly begins its journey out of Capricorn, wrapping up its time there for the next 30 years. When a planet stations either direct or retrograde, the planet's proper motion appears to be completely still in the sky. In the outer world this corresponds with things being in... Continue Reading →

Some Other Sphere

I am delighted to announce that I had the pleasure of being a guest on Rick Palmer's Some Other Sphere @Spherical_pod podcast where I talked about my work in #Hellier as well as some key concepts in astrology in general

The Astrology of Hellier ~ part IV

Season 2 release date [part 0] [part I] [part II] [part III] Hellier S1 release date chart in part I here. * Spoilers ahead so be sure to check out season 2 here. * All of this watery, earthy, and fiery energy combined to create an emotionally gripping season that terrifies as much as it... Continue Reading →

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