One day in 1997 one of my classmates handed me an early issue of Weird N.J. during recess. It was love at first sight. That magazine had a huge impact on my upbringing and fueled many glorious adventures across the Garden State and eventually the country.

Ten years later at a bookstore in New Jersey something momentous happened. I was 17 years old and lurking around the small witchcraft section when two strangers happened to interact. One lady who was passively browsing the astrology books suddenly blurted aloud, “Who really believes that the planets and stars control our whole lives?” As if on cue another woman, facing the opposite bookshelf, turned and said, “It’s true! They absolutely do!”

I stared as both women looked at each other, then me, then each other. I didn’t say a word. We all returned to minding our own business. Even though I had never given astrology any prior thought, I still felt that somehow that interaction was probably going to end up being an absolutely pivotal moment in my life.

Over the years I picked up more and more about the vastly complex field of astrology, but my interest in all things strange inevitably lead me down a curious path uniting the two…

Welcome to Weird Astrology.

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