Zodiac of Weird – Aries Sun edition part 2

Ever wonder what sort of weird events or strange people have the same Sun and Moon sign as you? Wonder no more! I have compiled a list for each Sun-Moon sign combination that includes a curious person or peculiar event that took place for each! That’s 144 different Sun-Moon combinations and 144+ different famous weirdos!

In this article we’ll take a look at the second six Sun-Moon combinations for the Sun in Aries: Aries Sun with Libra Moon, Aries Sun-Scorpio Moon, Aries Sun-Sagittarius Moon, Aries Sun-Capricorn Moon, Aries Sun-Aquarius Moon, and Aries Sun-Pisces Moon

Aries Sun + Libra Moon

Another interesting Aries Sun-Libra Moon event in history is Bicycle Day, the first recorded LSD trip by Dr Albert Hoffman on April 19th 1943. On this day the Sun was at 28° Aries and the Moon was in Libra. We don’t have an exact time for this event, but we know that the Moon was definitely in Libra all day.


Aries Sun + Scorpio Moon

Around 6am on April 17th 1897 a UFO crashed on a farm in Aurora, Texas. The craft was said to have scattered for acres and the pilot was found to be deceased. The pilot was also found to have not been of this world but rather “a native of the planet Mars.” (!)


Aries Sun + Sagittarius Moon

On the night of April 15th-16th 2017 sightings of an unusual flying humanoid were reported around Chicago, Illinois. Singular Fortean wrote up a two year anniversary post about the event which you can read about here. Reports spoke of a huge bat-like creature that circled the night sky as onlookers watched in bewildered awe.


Aries Sun + Capricorn Moon

On April 3rd 1967, John Keel had what he refered to as his best sighting during his Mothman investigations in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. On this night he was alone in his car after investigating with Mary Hyre. About an hour after she left, Keel witnessed, “a clearly defined circular object” suddenly pass parallel to his car about a few hundred feet away.


Aries Sun + Aquarius Moon

On March 25th 1930 famous fortean investigator John A Keel was born. On this day the Sun was at 04° Aries and the Moon was around mid-Aquarius. Unfortunately no birth time is known for Keel, but because the Moon was near the middle of Aquarius in the middle of the day and only moves about 13° on average in 24 hours, we know that he definitely had an Aquarius Moon.


I actually have a full video on John Keel’s natal chart available to ALL patrons here

Aries Sun + Pisces Moon

April 6th and 7th 1967 were exciting days chronicled in The Mothman Prophecies by John Keel. On the night of the 6th at 11pm, Keel and Mary Hyre watched a UFO together in Gallipolis Ferry, West Virginnia. The next night Keel investigated mysterious sightings with three other people. On both nights the Sun was between 16-17° Aquarius. On the 6th the Moon was at 16° Pisces and on the 7th it was at 28° Pisces.


To read a full delineation of what each of these Sun-Moon combinations are like and to look at the charts for these people and events, head over to my patreon where you can read all of these and the plus the Taurus Sun-Moon combinations and more! My patreon is pay-what-you-can starting at just $1 a month because I believe in accessibility for education and exploration of all things weird. Your support over on my patreon ensures I can keep publishing free articles on this and many more topics and is greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for the all twelve Sun-Moon combinations for Taurus Sun coming soon!

Do you have the same Sun-Moon combination as one of the above? Let me know in the comments!

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