Zodiac of Weird – Aries Sun edition part 1

Ever wonder what sort of weird events or strange people have the same Sun and Moon sign as you? Wonder no more! I have compiled a list for each Sun-Moon sign combination that includes a curious person or peculiar event that took place for each! That’s 144 different Sun-Moon combinations and 144+ different famous weirdos!

In this article we’ll take a look at the first six Sun-Moon combinations for the Sun in Aries: Aries Sun with Aries Moon, Aries Sun-Taurus Moon, Aries Sun-Gemini Moon, Aries Sun-Cancer Moon, Aries Sun-Leo Moon, and Aries Sun-Virgo Moon.

Aries Sun + Aries Moon
Monster bird sighting

In The Mothman Prophecies page 31-32, John Keel writes about two events that occurred on April 9th 1948 several hundred miles apart. In Washington, a man with “silver wings” was seen flying around up in the air over a home. In Illinois, a “a monster bird … bigger than an airplane” was seen.

Full article here

Aries Sun + Taurus Moon
Our Lady of Zeitoun Marian apparition

On April 2nd 1968 the Sun was at 12° Aries. At 08:30 am the moon was at 29° Taurus. In Cairo, the moon was rising over the eastern horizon at this time which is famous for the Marian apparition, Our Lady of Zeitoun.

Full article here

Aries Sun + Gemini Moon
Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini was born with the Sun at 03° Aries and the Moon in at 23° Gemini. He is most famous as a magician and escape artist, but he was also “medium-buster” who was actively involved with debunking fraudulent spiritualists.

Full article here

Aries Sun + Cancer Moon
Charles Baudelaire

…Charles Baudelaire, a French poet considered to be a major innovator (cardinal-cardinal) in French literature who’s work focused on real-life observations (equinoctial/diurnal Aries sun) and who’s emotional inner life was wrought with turmoil (square aspect between sun and out of bounds moon).

Full article here

Aries Sun + Leo Moon
Palm Sunday tornado outbreak

Another Aries Sun + Leo Moon event in history was the Palm Sunday tornado outbreak of 1965 that “produced 55 confirmed tornadoes in one day and 15 hours”. On April 10th 1965 at 6:32pm Midway, Indiana was hit by a F4 tornado. About 45 minutes later another F4 hit.

Full article here

Aries Sun + Virgo Moon
Anton LaVey

Anton LaVey, author of The Satanic Bible, was born with the Sun at 20° Aries and the Moon at 26° Virgo. … occultism as being a “do-it-yourself God kit” which exemplifies the exalted personal identity of an Aries Sun and the Virgo Moon comfort-seeking inclination to unite with the universe through picking apart and tinkering with it on a systemic level.

Full article here

To read a full delineation of what each of these Sun-Moon combinations are like and to look at the charts for these people and events, head over to my patreon where you can read all of these and the next six Aries Sun-Moon combinations and more! My patreon is pay-what-you-can starting at just $1 a month because I believe in accessibility for education and exploration of all things weird! Your support over on my patreon ensures I can keep publishing free articles on this and many more topics and is greatly appreciated!

Stay tuned for the next six Aries Sun-Moon combinations coming soon: Aries Sun-Libra Moon, Aries Sun Scorpio-Moon, Aries-Sun Sagittarius Moon, Aries Sun-Capricorn Moon, Aries Sun-Aquarius Moon, and Aries Sun-Pisces Moon

Do you have the same Sun-Moon combination as one of the above? Let me know in the comments!

M. M. Kelly 2022

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