An Astrological Overview of the Ashtar Command Broadcast

On November 26th 1977 a strange broadcast interrupted the 5pm news all over south London. A voice identified as “Vrillon” spoke at length about mankind’s need to cease it’s warlike behavior and seek truth and love to prepare us for the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. This event is seen as a hoax by some and as a genuine message from outer space by others. One thing is for sure, nobody knows who is responsible for the signal hijacking. Forty four years later no one has claimed responsibility. The event remains as mysterious as ever.

As soon as I pulled up this chart for the first time I was immediately drawn to two things: the Moon and Mercury. The Moon is in the first house – representing the event’s first impressions – which reflects the fact that this was originally experienced by the general public. They even knew it was happening before ITV did! The Moon is also in Gemini, which seems fitting for the Mercurial nature of the event beginning with the public watching the news from their homes.

Speaking of Mercury, the messenger planet is also in a significant spot in this chart. Mercury is related to all things news, information, and communication. In this chart it is directly opposite the ascendant in the seventh house, which emphasizes the fact that the public’s attention was directed at this unusual news broadcast that came from someplace distinctly “other”.

It seems rather appropriate that the main focus of the chart revolves around Mercury: it is the ruler of both the ascendant and the Moon, it is opposite the ascendant and sextile to the midheaven (greater reputation), it is conjunct Neptune (confusion and illusions), and it is also out of bounds!

There’s a whole lot of fascinating history behind this perplexing event and the depths of it can be readily seen reflected in the chart. If you want to hear more about my take on the astrology of Vrillon’s urgent message for humanity I have a 45 minute video up on my Patreon for subscribers.

If you want to research more about the history and investigations into this event I highly recommend checking out Aficionado Prodigiosus’s series “The Curious Case of The Fish Doctor and The Man From Ashtar Command” as well as his interview on Conspirinormal about the broadcast and its investigation.

Special thanks to @AProdigiosus and @StarDoG23 for introducing me to this curious event and also for their extensive research! Follow them both on Twitter for more wonderfully weird content.

M. M. Kelly 2021

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