The Astrology of Hellier ~ part V

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Pan, Asteroids, and More Synchronicity

Chris: “The name given to these celestial bodies that are newly discovered does have sort of symbolic meaning or synchronistic connection with its actual meaning in astrology, right?”

Demetra: “Yes and that’s one of the places astrology becomes like so weird.”

The Astrology Podcast episode #242 Asteroids, with Demetra George

The cosmos is mirrored in the daily lives of us earthlings according to the concept familiar to many occultists, “as above, so below”. The archetypal dramas of the Sun, Moon, and planets can all be seen in unique ways in each horoscope. A bonus of astrology today is that we can also easily see over 22,000 different asteroids in our charts as well. With that many different named asteroids, the chances of there being one with your name or city are rather high. Demetra George, author of the ground-breaking work “Asteroid Goddesses”, has shown that there are curious coincidences to be found by seeing where asteroids with names personal to you show up in your chart.

A personal example: I first got interested in Wicca and Witchcraft when I was 13. The God and Goddess I was initially drawn to and most resonated with were Pan and Isis. There are named asteroids for both of these deities: Pan (4450) and Isis (40). It turns out the asteroid Pan is conjunct my natal Sun and the asteroid Isis is exactly conjunct my Midheaven. Two very important areas of my chart!

So of course I had to see if there were any Hellier-related asteroids and sure enough, there are:

Pan (4450)
Terry (21952)
Allen (19727)
Amy (3375)
Conard (24334)
Tyler (113333)
Closest one to Dana is Danae (61)
Closest to Greg is Gregory (2527)
Closest to Connor is Conners (13700)
Closest to Hellier is Heller (276975)
There are several Karl-adjacent asteroids in astrodienst‘s list, but I couldn’t settle on one to pick (also astrodienst only allows up to 10 additional asteroids at a time in a chart) so I didn’t include one for Karl. Sorry, Karl.

I pulled up a chart for both seasons 1 and 2 on astrodienst then plugged in the numbers for these asteroids to see how they showed up. One of the first things I noticed was how Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are right next to each other, within just about 3°, in BOTH the charts for season 1 and 2. Right away the celestial mirroring is remarkably apparent!

Another fascinating thing about the placements of Greg and Dana’s asteroids is their aspects to Pan (4450). In the chart for season 1, Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are in a trine aspect with Pan (4450). This shows that the energies are freely flowing from the house of partnerships (7th house Scorpio) to the house of alliances and good spirit (11th house Pisces). In this season Greg, Dana, and the team put a lot of emotional energy into following up on leads (Scorpio) that are very hard to pin down and end up revealing more questions than answers. The team realizes they’re dealing with something that seems much greater than themselves and unites many different fields (Pisces).

In the chart for Season 2, Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are in a sign-based opposition with Pan (4450) indicating a self-other relationship. In this season Greg, Dana, and the crew end up attempting to intentionally invoke Pan himself. Pan (4450) is once again in the 11th house of friends and good spirit, but this time in Cancer instead of Pisces. Gregory (2527) and Danae (61) are together below the horizon in Capricorn, the sign associated with Pan. Greg and Dana were literally underground in Pan’s realm trying to come face to face with him, however he chose to manifest.

Pan (4450) is also closely aspecting Pluto, lord of the underworld, in both charts. In the chart for season 1, Pan is in a sextile relationship with Pluto, indicating an excitable flow of energy offering opportunities for deep transformation. In season 2, Pan (4450) is in an opposition with Pluto, once again indicating a tense and deeply transformative self-other relationship. To me this looks like the team’s initiation and approaching the phenomena head on.

How exactly do these synchronicities in astrology work? I honestly have no idea. I don’t think anyone really does. Are they the same sort of synchronicities inherent in the Hellier phenomena? Maybe..?

Do any of these asteroids show up in your chart in interesting ways? Is there an asteroid with your name on it? Have you found any other high-strangeness or Hellier-related asteroids in astrodienst? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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