Saturn Stations Direct

At 00:11 eastern 29 September 2020 Saturn stations direct and slowly begins its journey out of Capricorn, wrapping up its time there for the next 30 years.

When a planet stations either direct or retrograde, the planet’s proper motion appears to be completely still in the sky. In the outer world this corresponds with things being in a standstill. On the inner, subjective level when Saturn stations, can feel like a period of intense stuckness and melancholy.

Saturn has been known for thousands of years as the planet of limits and endings because for most of human history, this was the farthest planet we could observe with the naked eye. Today we have the ability to see further, but those millennia of empirical observations still hold true as this planet still represents, astrologically; endings and finality, but also mastery and maturity.

Capricorn is one of Saturn’s domiciles along with Aquarius. In Capricorn Saturn brings our attention to the structures in our lives that shape our experiences. In the physical body Saturn represents bones and teeth. In the outer world it represents governmental structures and hard work that cannot be avoided. Think major life lessons and milestones in development. Saturn has been hanging out with Pluto for some time now (complete transformation) and in the US it is painfully obvious that we are all experiencing a complete breakdown in all of the structures that our society was built on. This process is not something that wraps up overnight. Saturn, the original time lord, takes TIME.

Every 29.5 years Saturn makes a full revolution around the Sun. When we turn 29-30 Saturn returns to the same position it was when you were born. These Saturnian themes become very evident at that age, then again around age 60 and 90. This year happens to be my first Saturn return and lemme tell ya, its been HARD. I feel like I have been slowly rebuilding my entire existence down to the very atoms that shape me. I have been learning how to parent myself and take responsibility for implementing structure in my life where there was none throughout my childhood and adolescence. This year has been one of great stillness and often crushing anxiety, but one nice thing about being an Astrologer is knowing that this wave, like all others, will inevitably pass, and will leave me much stronger and wiser than before.

Do you have Saturn in Capricorn or Aquarius in your natal chart? What was your #saturnreturn like? How are you doing now? 

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