The Astrology of Hellier ~ part IV

Season 2 release date

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Hellier S1 release date chart in part I here.

* Spoilers ahead so be sure to check out season 2 here. *

All of this watery, earthy, and fiery energy combined to create an emotionally gripping season that terrifies as much as it inspires.

The story of this chart takes us down to the underworld.

The Sun – the light, life, and people in charge – is directly underground. Jupiter – ruler of expansion – is also underground and right at home in Sagittarius. This sets the stage for a huge spiritual quest, pilgrimage, or other sacred adventure (Jupiter/Sagittarius) dealing with personal power (Sun), and done privately with trusted people who are like family (4th house).


Most of the planets are below the horizon in this chart including the planets with the strongest roles and most impact on the chart. The Sun, Moon, inner planets, and Ascendant ruler are all in the subjective, hidden realms. This represents the profound inner journeys the crew found themselves swept up in this season. Above the horizon we only see Neptune (hypnotists, mystics, obfuscation) and Uranus (magicians, astrologers, sudden disruptions).

The Ascendant of the chart is at 5° Virgo in a grand earth trine with Venus in 5th house Capricorn and Uranus in 9th house Taurus. All of this earth energy reflects the focus this season had on the land itself with everything from faces in trees to underground ritual magick to deep woods helicopter pursuits. The Ascendant ruler, Mercury, being in Scorpio along with Mars, added to the psychodrama and kept everyone venturing further away from their comfort zones.

Another peculiarity of this chart is the distinct lack of air. The only placement in an air sign is the Midheaven – the middle of the sky – in Gemini, but it’s ruler is submerged in the depths of Scorpio. All of this watery, earthy, and fiery energy combined to create an emotionally gripping season that terrifies as much as it inspires.

One way the Gemini Midheaven presents itself is seen by the affect this season has on many viewers. After the initiation of season two the viewer is often left with a tremendous amount of curiosity and a distinct passion to embark on their own high strange adventure.

There will almost certainly be more to the Hellier story revealed in the future because of how many people are now adding their own chapters to it.

In the next article we’ll explore asteroids, synchronicities, Pan, and how everything above and below is connected.

Stay tuned and stay weird ❤


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