The Astrology of Hellier ~ part III



The Terry Wriste email

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… like driving around aimlessly in a dense fog with only a vague notion that you’re moving forward.

This chart represents the moment the first Terry Wriste email was sent to Greg Newkirk. Right away I notice the majority of the planets are above the horizon (lots of actors on stage) and indeed this email initiated plenty of activity out in the world. Mercury, lord of communication, happens to be the ruler of the ascendant, the horizon at that particular time. This reflects the focus of the chart involving communication and information. What sort of information? To find out, we look to where Mercury is in the chart, which in this case is in the 10th house Pisces.

Mercury likes data and specifics, but Pisces is all about squishy togetherness; it is largely disinterested in the separation inherent in Mercury’s goal of categorizing and sorting. Mercury can achieve that goal much more easily in Virgo, the sign opposite Pisces. In the chart discussed in Part II, Mercury was in Virgo and the message involved a very specific tweet about a specific article on a specific case. In this chart however, Mercury – the message – was totally cryptic and it’s author some nebulous, unseen entity.

While our hero Mercury may be a little confused, they aren’t alone as Mercury is in a stellium with the Moon, Chiron, Mars, and Neptune. Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces can feel like driving around aimlessly in a dense fog with only a vague notion that you’re moving forward. All of these planets together in Pisces does look to me like the Hellier crew literally driving around together on a very strange and far-reaching journey.


That squishy togetherness is not all that easygoing in this chart however. Saturn in Scorpio is aspecting the entire Pisces stellium by trine while in a not-so-subtle sextile to Pluto which adds a distinct intensity and sense of dread as all sorts of spooky lore is dug up.

Saturn is also ruling over the Sun’s position in Aquarius so this adds a heavier feel to the information that is brought to light. Saturn requires patience and perseverance and this can be seen in the many evidence boards full of clues roped together, the endless piles of obscure books, and the sheer amount of dedication from the crew’s years of investigating that followed.

So who is Terry Wriste and what do you think all of this will eventually lead to?

In the next article we’ll see what we can uncover in the chart for Season 2. Stay tuned and stay weird ❤




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  1. Love this analysis! Meecury us also the number 8 which represents the juggler and limnal realm. What a michevious architect of mystery he is!


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