The Astrology of Hellier ~ part 0

“The Phenomena” called me loud and clear – I answered.

Hellier is a paranormal web series on YouTube and Amazon Prime that delves into the unfathomably vast and weird world of high strangeness. I discovered it in early 2019 when a buddy texted me the link for season 1 episode 1. Once I was about five minutes into the episode I was totally hooked. The time I spent engrossed in the investigation of this peculiar case was different from any other series I had binge-watched in the past. “The Phenomena” called me loud and clear – I answered.

In the next few blog posts I will share with you how my life has changed since I found Hellier – or since Hellier found ME – along with my astrological interpretations of certain events. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out seasons 1 and two available for free on YouTube and Amazon Prime.

Because Hellier is an ongoing investigation, this series of high-strange-astrology posts will probably be ongoing as well. The first astrological Hellier chart I will go over will be for the release date of season 1 in the next blog post.

Stay tuned and stay weird ❤





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