Walt Disney’s Spooky Capricorn Stellium

Today is Walt Disney’s birthday so here’s a brief analysis of his natal chart with an emphasis on his 5th house. His chart will be compared to his biography listed on Astro-databank.

Charts from:



Walt Disney
5 December 1901 00:35
Chicago, IL

Sun 12°27′ Sagittarius
Moon 09°10′ Libra
Ascendant 25°39′ Virgo

Mercury, ruler of the Ascendant 27°25′ Scorpio
Mars, ruler of Scorpio 08°27′ Capricorn
Saturn, ruler of Capricorn 14º40′ Capricorn

One of the first things I notice about Walt Disney’s chart is that it is a night chart with the majority of planets below the horizon. The only two planets that were in the sky when Walt was born were Neptune (fantasy) and Pluto (obsession). Walt’s Midheaven degree – the most public part of the chart – is just about at the exact midpoint of Neptune and Pluto.

Pluto is also aspecting Walt’s Ascendant by an unrelenting square. The ruler of his Ascendant, Mercury, is in Scorpio. From his bio on Astro-databank:

“Though the world cherished the myth of Disney as a kindly, happy storyteller, the truth is that he was “a tall, somber man who appeared to be under the lash of some private demon.”… With no particular sense of humor, he was, in fact, withdrawn, suspicious and controlling.”

As a boss, Walt was pretty tyrannical. Astro-databank:

“Many of his employees found him a difficult and demanding boss and resented his patronizing rules. He would fire anyone instantly who used profanity.”

Walt’s Sun is in opinionated Sagittarius, conjunct Uranus (sudden upheavals), and opposite control-freak Pluto in Gemini (profanity).

Saturn has a very influential presence in Walt Disney’s chart. His final dispositor – the planet that is in charge of all of the other planets [more here] – is Saturn – the planet of boundaries, death, longevity, and gloom.

In Walt’s chart Saturn is in Capricorn in the 5th house of creations, children, and creative self expression along with Chiron, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. This house becomes the focus of Walt’s values, hopes, and ambitions as well as insecurities, inhibitions, and fears. Astro-databank states that his 30’s were his best years artistically. Saturn in the 5th. His creation of the Disney empire is clearly marked by Saturn’s influence. A great example of that can be seen in Ask A Mortician’s three delightful videos on Walt’s obsession with death. * spooky screams *

Walt manifested the energy of his 5th house cardinal earth Capricorn planets through creating various theme parks across the world and a business empire that would become extraordinarily successful. His out-of-bounds Mars, exalted in Capricorn, also reflects the risks he took as well as the tremendous drive and energy that has kept the company exploding in popularity even well after his death. His company has since gone on to own everything from ESPN to Marvel to 21st Century FOX.

Walt’s 5th house Jupiter and out-of-bounds Mars can also be seen in the opening day of one of his most well-known creations, Disneyland:

“The opening on 17 July 1955 was a disaster, plagued by mechanical breakdowns, power failures and gate-crashers. “It was a madhouse,” one observer noted…” (Astro-databank)

On that day, the south node was transiting conjunct Walt’s Midheaven, an extremely out-of-bounds Ceres was transiting conjunct his natal Saturn and Jupiter, Saturn was transiting conjunct his north node of fate, and a stellium of planets (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun and Uranus) were transiting his 11th house of friends and allies.

Today Walt’s progressed chart has the Moon in Capricorn parallel to Chiron and contra-parallel Ceres. His progressed Ascendant is conjunct Uranus and opposite Neptune. His Midheaven, Venus, and Neptune are all in a grand air trine (ideas – all the ideas!) Jupiter in Aquarius is also trine to Pluto so I would predict that his company is probably going to keep buying more and more stuff.

His progressed Sun is exalted in Aries with Mars combust and sextile to Jupiter so it’s not surprising to see how his legacy is still so vital and potent. By this time 2020 Walt’s progressed Ascendant will be in Capricorn with the Moon, Jupiter, and Venus moving into the 2nd house of money and possessions so that could be a really interesting year for the company in terms of business and legal decisions.

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