Hellier Season 2 Lenormand Reading

On November 8th 2019 I decided to do a 9-card Lenormand spread to see what Hellier Season 2 would be like. I recorded myself doing the reading, but the audio quality is pretty terrible. I’ve included it here anyway, but wrote up a transcript of the reading as well. The reading ends with a neat synchronicity (naturally) and it turned out to be pretty accurate.

If you haven’t watched season 1 yet I highly recommend checking out the 5-part series available for free on YouTube here. Season 2 is up on Amazon Prime right now and will also be on YouTube December 13 2019. If you’re into brain-melting weirdness, this is the series for you!

Without divulging too many spoilers, here’s how the reading went:

OK today is the 8th of November 2019 and I decided to re-watch Hellier for the third time. I’m doing a reading now – a 9-card Lenormand – and the question was, “What will be the main themes for Hellier season 2? What will the major themes of Hellier season 2 be like?”

So, 3×3 grid starting from the top-left we have: Clover, then Dog, then Sun.
Second row: Mountain, Clouds, Bouquet.
And final row: Scythe, Stars, and Rider.

2- Clover, 18-Dog, 31-Sun / 21-Mountain, 6-Clouds, 9-Bouquet / 10-Scythe, 16-Stars, 1-Rider
2- Clover, 18-Dog, 31-Sun / 21-Mountain, 6-Clouds, 9-Bouquet / 10-Scythe, 16-Stars, 1-Rider

So Clouds in the middle we have confusion is the theme, obfuscation probably. Especially since its the Mountain right before it. And Bouquet after it is really interesting, so this looks to me like a literal mountain with the whole cave situation, and also a literal mountain of confusion, and possibly deception.

Clouds in the Lenormand deck represent uncertainty and changing circumstances. They never look the same way twice. They represent things that are clouded. This card being in the very center of the spread emphasizes that theme as a whole for the season. Mountain represents a massive obstacle that you cannot avoid – something that weighs heavily, but must be faced. Mountains aren’t climbed quickly or easily so this card represents a strenuous process. Bouquet on the other hand, is a rather positive card that lightens the feel a bit.

But, while some things are clouded others are revealed and things start to make a little bit more sense, especially since there is the Sun above Bouquet and then Rider on the bottom there so this could be people coming in to clear things up quite a bit – people contacting Greg and Dana and so on with sudden inspiration like sudden stories, I would say, since on the bottom we got Scythe, Stars, and Rider so that is like – I don’t think it’s an accident per se – it seems to be more along the lines of something quick happening like people being like, “Oh actually, you know what just occurred to me? This reminds me of this and this and this.” And like a whole lot of that going on…. This could also be my sudden astrological work… Stars and Rider – that could be something to do with that as well.

Top row is really nice. Clover, Dog, and Sun. That’s like luck and friends and success so that at the top suggests to me it will be a really good season 2. There will probably be a delightful theme of this whole situation uniting a whole lot of friends which seems very lovely. Clover knights to Stars and Bouquet and that’s quite lovely so yeah, that tells me there’s gonna be a lot of people who enjoy this quite a bit. Sun knights to Stars as well so that reinforces that.

The Clover card generally represents luck, but when describing physical objects it represents something small and brightly colored. Like a balloon. That is something I didn’t catch at first, but turned out to be relevant!

From what I can tell so far, this series has indeed united a whole bunch of people in a truly delightful way. Hellier Twitter is a thing. A very enthusiastic, lively, and wonderful thing.

Sun also knights to Mountain so that is going to be interesting – I’m curious to see how that plays out. I think it’s going to illuminate a little bit more about the cave system. Let’s see, Rider knights to Dog and Mountain so that’s very interesting. I don’t think they’re gonna actually see goblins, but I think they’re gonna find out something heavy and I think someone that they trust will tell them about- *buzz buzz*

Rider, Dog, and Mountain ended up looking to me like Tyler Strand going on recon missions. The crew did learn something heavy. Much more about the case was illuminated. A lot of people were interviewed.

Right at the end of the reading in the audio you can hear my phone buzzing. Greg had messaged me at that very moment which was a neat synchronicity.

Earlier that morning (the 8th) I woke up to find my watch had stopped at exactly 8am. The chapter of the book I was reading before bed was bookmarked at the beginning of chapter 8. My Tarot life-path number is 8. My north node is at 08°08′ Aquarius in my 8th house. Guess what episode of season 2 my astrology work is in?


If you would like your own Lenormand reading you can learn more about my Lenormand/Tarot/Astrology services here. Also be sure to leave a kind review for Hellier season 2!

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